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v1.0.3 Patches & Improvemetns

We released an update that includes minor bug fixes and efficiency and speed improvements.

v1.0.2 New Service Status

We've integrated our services status page (old: in our DMU Portal. You can now find the services status page in the landing page of DMU Portal, or by clicking here.

v1.0.1 Patches & Improvemetns

We released a minor update that includes small application improvements and an updated notification system.

v1.0.0 Official Release

We are thrilled to announce the official release of the DMU Portal platform. After dedicated development, multiple feature enhancements, and invaluable feedback from our community, we have moved out of beta.

New Features:

With the official release of DMU Portal, users are now bestowed with a comprehensive view of their website's operations. Not only can you see the live status of your website and server, but you're also privy to real-time, on-going events, closely related services & subscriptions, as well as detailed updates and logs. For those with websites still under development, a significant addition is the ability to view the development process step-by-step, ensuring complete transparency and alignment with their vision. Recognizing the importance of website availability to our clients, we've also introduced our custom-developed uptime website monitor. This cutting-edge feature ensures continuous tracking of your website's accessibility and performance. It's not just about keeping tabs; it's about granting you more control and peace of mind regarding your digital assets.


Official Launch: After rigorous testing and iterative improvements since our beta release, we're confident that our platform is ready to serve you with even greater reliability and efficiency.

Optimized Performance: Ensuring our platform runs smoothly and quickly for all users has been a top priority. We've fine-tuned various backend operations for enhanced speed and responsiveness.

Enhanced Security: With the official release, we've bolstered our security measures to ensure that your data and interactions remain safe and private.

As always, we are committed to continually improving the DMU Portal and ensuring that it remains the best possible service for our customers. Your continued feedback and support are crucial to our journey ahead.

v0.4.0 Bug Fixes

This update focused on bug fixes and application functionality improvements. The services page and payment process now work much faster and smoother.

v0.3.0 Invoicing System Update

We noticed that our invoicing system on the DMU Portal was not really helpful and easy to use, view, or save past invoices.

We have integrated a custom invoicing system into our platform and have stopped using our third-party application to manage invoices. You can now view the new invoices by logging in to your account and clicking on Documents > Invoices.

v0.2.0 Multiple Companies Management Update

We noticed the user experience for accounts that are assigned to more than one company was messy.

We released an update that now allows users with more than one company to select which company's details they wish to view. This way, it is much easier and cleaner to view details.

v0.1.0 Beta Release

We released the first version of our platform. Please be advised that the DMU Portal platform is currently in beta. This indicates that our application is not yet complete. If you encounter any defects, problems, or errors, we would appreciate your feedback.